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10th February 2018, 20:30
Hi there,

First time poster, long time Amiga afficiando. Got a couple of Amigas with the following problems and looking for someone based in the UK who could help me with a few repairs. If you're based in London or a short train ride away, I'd be able to drop off the mobos in person but if not, I'm happy enough to use a courier.

I recently got hold of an Amiga 1200 that is non functioning. The A1200 powers up but there is a garbled output over both Composite out and RF, audio appears to be working properly over composite but is ultra quiet and distorted over RF. The motherboard looks fairly clean but there are a few issues I've noticed:

1) A modification has been carried out across U12 (looks like a capacitor added) and it looks like a few legs of the IC have been lifted for some reason (part of the mod?). Looks like it's been carried out untidily anyway.
2) A jumper wire has been neatly soldered across 3 pins in U30
3) At least one SMD capacitor looks like it's on its way out.

Looking for a quote for recap and repair for the Amiga 1200 and application of timing fix.

I also have an Amiga 500+ which has had a battery leak. It appears to be working relatively well but there is some really pronounced ghosting. The leak appears to have affected about 10 resistors and caps and the first couple of pins of U12. I've snipped out the battery and given it a quick scrub with IPA but was looking for a quote to fix up the board properly, I'd like to replace U12 and the components that have been hit by the leak at the very least, it's important to me that the Amiga has video and sound functioning 100% accurately.

Looking for a quote for the A500+ repair too.

Please get in touch if you're able to help with either the A1200 or A500+ or both! If you were able to give me an approximate turnaround time too, that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

15th February 2018, 18:44
Request has been fulfilled, thanks to everyone who has responded.

15th February 2018, 18:45
Request has been fulfilled, thanks to everyone who has responded.

On AmiBay or elsewhere?

17th February 2018, 16:02
Request was fulfilled outside of Amibay, went with someone who could sort both miggys rather than just the 1200