View Full Version : Wanted Nvidia 7800GTX 512mb Flashed to work with Late G5 PowerMac

14th February 2018, 21:59
Hello Amibayers

Looking for a little upgrade for my Quad Core G5 PowerMac

so if you have the Flashed version of the 7800GTX with 512mb VRAM to work on these macs and are willing to part with it let me know

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Mod can you move this to the Apple Hardware wanted section Please <Done>

14th February 2018, 22:08
I don't remember the model(s) exactly and don't have it at hand now (out of my place ATM) but I've got both the "regular" and the "powerful" nVidia GFX boards for the Quad.

14th February 2018, 22:57
any use ?? not tried it as it wont fit in ANY case I have lol so ive never powered it up.

ATI 5970 (dual gpu) 2x 1gb (2gb total) its an absolute monster i think it needs the end handle cutting off to fit in a mac (a handle for a Dell XPS system) and a tdp of 294 watts

I know this was used in a Xeon mac(no boot screen and monster PSU in the macs) in single GPU mode in OSX but dual GPU in windows bootcamp. not sure if it would even boot in a G5.


the 2nd photo I dug it out this week as I was building a new desk for my amiga to fit on :) on the 1084S is Sword of Sodan loading :) just fitted a new power switch.
still messy but at least I can have 2 or 3 systems up now not 1 on the kitchen table :D

14th February 2018, 23:31
Don’t think that card will work in the G5 macs from what I’ve read @Sardine , Nice desk setup I’ve got to design something similar for my man cave lol

@silverdr sound like you might have the 7800GT 256mb (I currently have this model) and the Quatro FX4500 512mb which were originally produced for the G5. I might be interested in your FX4500 512mb if you do have this model.

but would really like a 7800GTX 512mb, that the bios has been flashed so it will work in the last of the G5 PowerMacs

18th February 2018, 13:22
This is the "powerful" one. The "Mac edition". Highly rare stuff.

18th February 2018, 15:09
The backside - as requested.