View Full Version : Closed SM KIT 64 - A Professional Tool for Programmers of the Commodore 64

18th February 2018, 15:03
SM KIT 64 by Golden Tools for Commodore 64
A Professional Tool for Programmers
88 pages manual + 5.25" disk (English)

There is no guarantee for the 5.25" disk due to its age

EUR 25.00 + postage payable by PayPal as gift or family (or buyer pays PayPal fees)


19th February 2018, 18:25
interested pending whether you can provide a d64 of the disk. If the disk is bad (which I assume from your signature you can check) then I'm out

19th February 2018, 19:40
PM sent.

The disk is 100% working at the moment.
I have just made a d64 copy on my Ultimate II+ just in case
- and can send the file if after arrival disk would appears faulty.

Postage to USA:
EUR 11.75 registered
EUR 5.50 standard (no tracking - at buyer's risk)

22nd February 2018, 23:22
There is no reply from Telsar.

I decided to keep above for myself atm.