View Full Version : Filled ZX Spectrum +2 Grey - Faulty RAM repair?

22nd February 2018, 13:45
You may have seen the thread I started over in the Oracle section about a Spectrum +2 with exploded-paint-factory syndrome. If not, http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?97915-ZX-Spectrum-2-Advice&p=882588 .

From the advice gathered there, it sounds like there may be a RAM fault. I'm not qualified to safely diagnose this and less so to repair it so I'd love to hear from someone willing to take this on. I can ship you the board or the whole unit, or any subdivision thereof. Preferably to someone in UK just for shipping and time reasons, but certainly willing to discuss with someone in Europe. US is probably impractical, but who knows.

So yeah, someone willing to diagnose and repair a +2 with suspect RAM, please drop me a line with an idea of what you'd want to look into this and we'll sort it out.

Thanks for looking!

22nd February 2018, 13:53
ill have a look,i think the supply is fine,ill send a pm

22nd February 2018, 16:19
Shipped to Roy. Mods please close thread.

22nd February 2018, 16:34
Shipped to Roy. Mods please close thread.

Marked as Filled. Will close once feedback is complete

26th February 2018, 12:52
spectrum is here,ill have a quick look later

26th February 2018, 15:24
this is now working,but i need to discuss some options with the owner,while im doing minor repairs

ill list work undertaken after its finished

1st March 2018, 12:26
ok,im pretty much done with this machine now,i just need to find a box to ship it back

here is list of the work done on it:

replaced bad ram on the board to a point where it works
fixed the amstrad reversed transistors on the board
replaced the power jack as it was a bit corroded
replaced the drive belts,cleaned the heads on the deck etc

finally,altered the board config so it could use 128+2 A/B rgb cable for convenience also to provide a proper switching voltage to the scart socket on tv's plus audio out the rgb socket,cuts down on the cables required for this machine and setup time,done while here for ease of use after to the owner of the machine :)

ran software for iterations of ram tests to make sure it really is doing whats its supposed to,plus ran games etc and a demo

i cant think of anything else ive done,thats about it,you should be good to go,have fun

1st March 2018, 12:39
Awesome Roy! I'm delighted to hear everything's running as expected. Looking forward to having it back.

Thank you.

1st March 2018, 17:22
tracking sent via pm,and thank you :)

5th March 2018, 13:19
Received back today. It's beautiful. Thanks Roy. Feedback incoming.

5th March 2018, 14:40
glad you happy,anymore problems feel free

ill leave return feedback