View Full Version : Closed Wanted Philips CD-i Video Cartridge 22ER9956

2nd October 2010, 20:11
What's on the title. Looking for a Philips CD-i Video Cartridge 22ER9956 (the one for the 450 CD-i model ) in a fair price. Thanks :thumbsup:

3rd October 2010, 01:25

I believe that I have one of these - will have to dig -it up though.

3rd October 2010, 08:48
As long as it is fully functional I can wait mate ! I'll be right here ... waiting :p.

4th October 2010, 10:30
For unknown reasons my old VCD cartridge came back to life. So no need anymore. Thanks anyway mate though and sorry for the inconvinience :(. Please admins close thread. Thank you.