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10th March 2018, 21:20
For sale is a working Acorn Atom. It is fitted with 8 KB of memory. The regulators are still there but the links are made to run it on a regulated 5V power supply (included).

Other modifications are:
- the video out signal is connected to the centre pin of the UHF out so that it can be connected to the Video In input of a monitor or TV. This is for convenience and easily reversed if you prefer to use a VHF tuner / TV.
- No speaker is fitted. Instead it has a socket on the right side that lets you connect it to headphones or an amp.

Documentation included is the Atomic Theory and Practice book in reasonable state, the Technical manual and the circuit diagram.
It is nice, but not in mint condition. The bottom has a few marks and a small piece of the back was cut out. See pictures.

It comes with a rather tatty box, with only the the top part of the polys.

Asking price is 180 or 200, plus shipping and fees (if applicable).


10th March 2018, 21:31

Can i have some pics from the side sections?

How much are the shipping costs to Germany?


11th March 2018, 01:03
Interested. Next in line

11th March 2018, 06:22
Interested. Next in line

13th March 2018, 08:50
No reaction from seller. Withdraw interest.

Trixster is next.

13th March 2018, 13:48
Yes, still interested. I will PM _Paul_

13th March 2018, 16:06
Notifications were a bit slow to reach me. PM with shipping costs sent to trixter.

13th March 2018, 20:57
Payment received, thanks! Preparing package...

14th March 2018, 15:21
Package sent.

18th March 2018, 21:13
Atom arrived in the uk this weekend and is now with TheCorfiot for upgrades! Feedback will be left tomorrow.

21st March 2018, 18:24
Feedback left by both Paul and I, I guess the thread can be archived.

The Atom's now been fully upgraded by TheCorfiot and is apparently pretty amazing! It now has an AtoMMC, Colour Board, Ram / Rom Board and new speaker :)