View Full Version : Closed A3010 4 MB with almost mint 3-button mouse

18th March 2018, 19:21
Decided reduce my retro collection and sell the computers I didnīt have sufficient time for. Hereīs an Acorn A3010 in very good condition. I donīt know much about these computers (Iīm mainly a Sinclair guy), but as far as I can see, the battery got removed. When I tested the A3010 with my BenQ BL 702 A (not included in this sale. Note that not all monitors are able to cope with the signal), I first got a "Supervisor" message. This seems to be normal, when the battery is missing or low. I pressed "R", while powering on and the Acorn booted to the desktop. I inserted the only Acorn disk I have and was able to see the directory and start one of the programs, so the FDD is working fine. The Acorn is equipped with 4MB of RAM and is in really good condition. The only flaw is a missing eject button on the FDD, but ejecting a disk still works. A replacement button can be 3D-printed for small money. An almost mint three-button CPC mouse comes with the computer. Currently a German, so called "SchuKo"-plug is on the power cable, which works in many countries, but can easily replaced with any other plug. I also add the Risc User Magazine Disc.

Price: 180 GBP plus postage (itīs going to be a 10 kg parcel (tracked and insured with DHL). Payment through bank transfer or PayPal plus fees, so I still receive 180 GBP plus postage.

Also listed elsewhere.

24th March 2018, 07:42
Sold elsewhere. Thanks for looking.