View Full Version : Closed Amiga 500 working keyboard, no need for the keys

20th March 2018, 05:15

my Amiga 500 PAL old style Samsung keyboard is a bit flaky as some of the keys like tab, esc, scroll lock and caps lock are not working all the time. I've been trying to repair it without any good success, but tapping hard on the bottom seems to help for a while. Go figure :blink:

Therefore I'm looking for a new one if/when this craps out. I would like to have a new membrane, bottom piece and the controller, but no need for the keys themselves or springs if Samsung keys are compatible. The ones I have are retrobrited and shining bright :p If not, then I guess I need the keys too :unsure:

I'm in west coast USA, so the shipping costs should be reasonable.


4th April 2018, 04:18
Still looking!

25th April 2018, 01:47
Got one from another AmiBayer. Thank you!

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