View Full Version : Sold CyberVision64/3d and ScanDoublerCV64/3d

25th March 2018, 09:28
For sale, my found gems.

1. Graphics card CyberVision 64/3d 4MB 60ns VRAM full specification in the link (http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/cybervision643d). The card works in Zorro II and III as well as CyberGraphix and Picasso96.
The card, of course, is 100% efficient - Price 340EUR
A small promotion, I am adding Ratte AutoMonitorSwitch for free for the end of Easter, with everything you need to connect in every Amiga model.

2. Dedicated Scandoubler (after a small modification you can use it in Amiga 2000 as well as 3000)
SD functional in 100% - Price 160 EUR
The graphics card and SD are in very good condition as well as technical, they have not been used for 15 years, since then they have been used only for testing. - SOLD

I will add photos tomorrow evening.

The shipping cost is 10EUR
When you buy both, shipping is free
Payment method: bank transfer, Paypal, BTC, ETH.


25th March 2018, 10:08
Intrerested in SD on behalf of a friend

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25th March 2018, 11:30
Also interested in the scandoubler

25th March 2018, 20:19
I added photos.

25th March 2018, 21:39
next in line "2. Dedicated Scandoubler"

27th March 2018, 08:13
Payment pending. Thx

.. and payment sent

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29th March 2018, 16:42
@warr8or29 - I received payments, shipping today, details in PM

Only the CV64/3d graphics card was left, I made a small update for the Easter holidays, details in the first post.

2nd April 2018, 13:38
Interested in the graphics cards depending on question. PM sent.

3rd April 2018, 19:45
Payment sent for graphics card + Ratte Switch.