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4th October 2010, 22:47
Hi all,

I have these books which are useful for anyone messing on Motorola-based platforms, first and foremost Amigas, but also the other A's... (Atari, Apple, Apollos), and even more Unix platforms and arcade boards. They're in pretty good condition (no writing inside as far as I saw), bar a removed sticker on the '030 book.

The list:
1) PowerPC 604 - RISC Microprocessor User's Manual - $10
2) MC68030 - Enhanced 32-bit Microprocessor User's Manual 2nd ed. - $10
3) MC68000 - Programmer's Reference Manual (Includes CPU32 Instructions) - $10

Or $20 for the lot. Shipping depends on destination and weight. Money can be sent via Paypal (+fees or zero fees for Gift option), cash or USPS Money Order.

Please send PM if interested.

Thanks for looking!


5th October 2010, 00:04
Hi. Can you take an estimate shipping cost for these books to Greece?


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Ahh.... I'll send a pm.

28th August 2011, 00:13
Hmmm... time for a second one then. :(

1st September 2011, 17:52
I managed to found one elsewhere, so I withdrawn my interest.