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5th October 2010, 22:09
For sale is collection of Amiga software and accessories. I sold my Amiga computers so no longer need these items. All are in very clean condition and have been well kept.

As shown in the links below, you will be getting all this software, some books, some floppies both original to each software title and some collection of various other apps collected. I would prefer to sell this as a complete set but if no one shows interested to buy the whole lot at a nice low price of $75 + postage, then I may entertain selling separate items. If you find something in my list but don’t want the whole shebang, email me an offer for the exact item you want and I will let you know. With your request make sure to let me know the item and what address it would ship to so I can get you a postage quote.

Since I no longer own an Amiga I can’t re-test these apps but can say I did use each one in the last 6 months or so. There is no warranty or guarantee on any item since all items are now a good 20 years old. They have all been kept here nice and clean in my computer room in good home temps.

I am located in California USA by the way just so you know where the items would ship from. I am offering this whole lot for $75 (firm) + postage.

Here is a detailed list of what is included in this lot sale:

Maxiplan – Spreadsheet app
MiAmiga File – Database app
Scribble – Word Processing app
Scribble Platinum Edition – Word Processing app
Star Fleet Command – game
F/A-18 Interceptor – game
Skyfox – game
S-D-I – game
Deluxe Music Construction Set – Music
Silent Service – game
Precision Approach Jet Instrument Trainer – simulation
Online !
Dungeon Master
Couple boxes floppies with various stuff on them
Elementary Amiga Basic – book
ACs Guide To The Commodore Amiga – magazine book 4 issues

Link to a picture of most the items in the sale. Most items in the picture are included but see the list above for exactly what you will be getting. Example, the joysticks were sold and are not part of this kit. So, see list above for exact items you are getting.

22nd October 2010, 20:35
Lowered the price for the set from $125 to only $75 + postage. See list above for all the items you would be getting. Email me for a postage quote. Thomas

29th October 2010, 01:19
Please close this thread. I have listed all the items separate now so no need for this lot buy anymore.

Thanks, tj

29th October 2010, 01:23
No problems and good luck with your sales :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool: