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20th April 2018, 17:04
hello everyone..
first off excuse me for me being very green on the subject.
I just thought I would ask here as it seems to be one of the best places to get an answer

I got an Amiga 1000 it has no keyboard..
now I have been looking for a keyboard but they seem to be in the 100s of dollars..

It did come with an adapter that is for the A2000,3000, and I believe the 4000T (all 5pin)

I am ok with getting a different version of keyboard.. doesn't have to be the 1000.. as I have the adapter that converts..
My question is.. I found an adapter on ebay that is pretty decent price.. that is an Amiga 4000 keyboard adapter for A2000.. it has the male 5pin head (that I hope would go into the female 5pin head of my adapter).. Would this be able to be daisy-chained so that I could also use an Amiga 4000 (6pin) on my A1000?

134515 134516

Thank you everyone for your time and effort in advance

I just would like to be able to get a keyboard for my computer :) and start enjoying



20th April 2018, 22:30

20th April 2018, 22:32
Thank you :)