View Full Version : For Sale Orinoco Gold card Wi-Fi PCMCIA Card for A600 or A1200

26th April 2018, 12:51
I've got two identical Orinoco Gold "Agere Systems" card PCMCIA Wi-Fi Cards for A600 or A1200 for sale. This is one of them;


These cards are only valid for WPA/TKIP networks. They do not support WPA2. These cards are sold as is, that is, I cannot guarantee they work because I wasn't able to test them at home, my Wi-Fi router cannot create a non-mixed, pure WPA/TKID network. Because of this, I bought another Linksys card that allows me to connect to WPA2 wireless networks and this is the reason why I sell this 2 cards. However, the cards should work just fine with an appropiate WPA/TKIP wireless network, they were bought some years ago from a reputable seller.

The cards use the Prismv2 driver you can find here (http://aminet.net/package/driver/net/prism2v2).

Price is 10 EUR each Shipping included for Spain, usually about 5 EUR to add if sent to any other european country. Only payment method accepted is PayPal as friend/gift.

Also advertised elsewere. Please leave feedback as required per the site rules after you've received the cards.

Edit: price changed to include shipping.

25th July 2018, 09:41
Original post edited to show price with shipping included.