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28th April 2018, 16:34
This thread concerns a preorder of an external professional RGB Encoder/modulator with 4 outputs: a VGA out for multisync monitors (such as the Commodore 1950), a RGB-Sync video out (with a real and rare 23-pin male connector) which also reproduces all other signals from the original 23-pin Amiga video port (i.e. it is pass-through), a high quality Y/C 4-pin S-Video out as well as an RCA video output. It does NOT include any RF module.

Below there is the draft of the PCB I am still working on. Its dimensions are approximately 110 * 30 mm (4.33 * 1.18 inches) and it will be populated with three ICs, six connectors and around thirty discreet and passive components.



I am building a copy of this device for my specific needs (etching by myself the PCB) but if there were some people interested to buy one I can work on a small batch with factory-made PCBs as soon as at least a dozen of pieces has been preordered.

Its price is 35 Euros each one plus P&P and Paypal commission fees if needed. Also I accept bank transfer. Ask for the exact P&P cost as they depend on destination.

Sorry for the high cost but the RGB encoder IC from Analog Device I use is quoted around 15 Euros for few pieces. Just add the price for the rest of components and everyone can understand that my profit margin is quasi equal to zero...

This is a list of part of the features:
• PAL or NTSC (specify in preorder, but it is possible to order with an extra charge all specific components for exchanging standard at a later time), with fourfold quartz-calibrated subcarrier frequency for obtaining a hard-and-fast stability and precision of coded colors.
• Power supplied from Amiga video port or from an external DC source (suggested 9-12V unregulated) with inversion polarity protected. External power supply unit is not included but available on demand by adding an extra charge.
• Dual monitor output ports: a 15-pin female VGA and a 23-pin male Amiga video port. Warning: VGA out is H & V buffered only and does NOT produce a flicker-fixed signal at 31kHz!!
• Three power supply status LEDs (+12V, +5V, External power)
• RGB gain selection based on 75 ohm termination
• ...and others...

This module is much better than the original Commodore A2031, A2032, A520 as well as the output quality is incomparable to the ugly composite video output coming from PAL/NTSC A1200/A600 .

No box is included so be careful when it is in function. A small box can be build around however.

The production will begin after the date of the 12nd preorder and first items will be shipped at least one month later of that date (sorry, be patient), following the payment ranking of those who will pay in advance.

For other infos please send a PM or reply to the thread.

I will reply ASAP.


28th April 2018, 16:49
I'm interested in one! Sign me up :-)