View Full Version : Amiga 1000 Phoenix brag sticker

4th May 2018, 17:02
(Admins/mods: apologies if this is in the wrong area - wasn't sure where else to put it but it does "apply" to hardware, no pun intended.)

So, I realize this is extremely niche. But hey, isn't Amiga? :) So it's a niche of a niche.

I'm fortunate enough to have an A1000 Phoenix. On the front panel, back in 1990/91 there was a "brag sticker" you could slap under the Amiga logo. Mine, over 28 years, turned a shade of brown (used to be clear). As a result, I recreated it and had a batch of new stickers made.

Due to the size requirements given to me by the print shop, I removed the original text and only made the Phoenix bird.

I realize there may only be a tiny handful of people here that would like one (and maybe no one). But if you do, I'm only asking for a break-even deal.

Each sticker cost me $1 (I was forced to buy 50 to have these made at all). Shipping world-wide is $1.50.

So if you want one: $2.50
If you want two: $3.50
and so on.

PM me if you would like a sticker or two.