View Full Version : For Sale Set of integrated circuits used on Amigas

7th May 2018, 11:41
For sale a series of dedicated Amiga chips (or related to), used and new.

This is the list:

#3 CPU MC68000P10 sold outside amibay
#1 CPU MC68000P8 sold outside amibay
#1 CIA 8520
#1 8372A sold outside amibay
#4 MC1377P (used in A520 and similar)
#1 W78C31B-16 (maybe a SCSI Controller)
#3 Commodore Amiga ROMs (see the magnified pic for details)
#1 ROM Quantum DisCache (pulled out from an hard drive )
#1 CXA1145M (RGB coder for Amiga 1200/600 and maybe Sega consoles)
#2 Filters (used in A1200/600)


Price is € 30 or a near offer. Add P&P and Paypal fee (if due)

For sale "AS THEY ARE". All chips were good in origin but after 30 years I cannot guarantee them anymore.

For sale elsewhere on the internet too.

24th August 2018, 16:56