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7th May 2018, 14:10
Hi guys im cleaning up and have for sale

1x A1200 desktop keyboard QWERTY in FULLY working condition.from my orig A1200 removed when towered up the 1200 € 50,-

1x A4000 keyboard Maybe faulty (don't know for sure it was working but was sometimes not responding could have been my A4000 which is waiting to get repaired ) €20,- Sold

1x A4000 keyboard one key is clued on it but its workiing without problems. € 40,- (mixed up the key thing keys on this one are 100% reserved for xyzzy

pricing is without shipping and maybe paypal fees.

Pictures will come soon Im very busy at the moment so sorry if i will reply later then normal.


Again sorry for this delay

Pics posted.

1x a1200

1 yellowed case white keys is 100% working

other A4000 keyboard should work One key glued and working

Some yellowing but not the worst ive seen.

7th May 2018, 14:17
Interested in an A4000 keyboard pending questions, PM on its way.

7th May 2018, 15:24
Interested "1x A4000 keyboard Maybe faulty"

7th May 2018, 16:26
Interested in both a4000 keyboards

Ricardo zaca
7th May 2018, 16:42
Interested in both a4000 keyboards, too...next in line

22nd May 2018, 13:21
Pictures added

22nd May 2018, 13:25
I'm interested in the 4k keyboards :-)

22nd May 2018, 13:42
Interested in 4k keyboard.

22nd May 2018, 14:59
Interested in 1x keyboard working or not

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22nd May 2018, 17:56
Payment sent "1x A4000 keyboard Maybe faulty"

22nd May 2018, 23:50
Hi klapdeur,

I thought I was the first in line, as I stated interest first in the thread and sent a PM seconds later confirming my interest in the A4000 "maybe faulty" keyboard and asking for photos and shipping price.

You sent me a PM (which I've just read) yesterday at 14:25 with the shipping cost and 4 hours later the keyboard is already sold to someone else, why is that?

24th May 2018, 14:05
@xyzzy You got a pm with an offer to rectify my mistake.

25th May 2018, 10:30
Payment sent as agreed for 1x A4000 keyboard "working us layout keys relative white almost like new, casing yellowed"

15th June 2018, 18:11
Keyboard arrived thanks

Feedback left

15th June 2018, 18:55
interested in A1200 keyboard if you'll ship to US

25th June 2018, 14:16
Keyboard arrived thanks

At least someone received something... I sent the payment on 25/5, today it's 25/6 and still waiting for the keyboard. OP must be very busy as he rarely logs in, let's keep fingers crossed and wait some more.

16th August 2018, 21:21
Declaring interest in A1200 keyboard.

17th August 2018, 07:48
Declaring interest for the A1200 keyboard, with shipping to the US...I guess I am 3rd in line

20th August 2018, 11:12
Keyboard received, feedback left, thanks.

4th September 2018, 07:17
Is your Amiga 1200 keyboard still available? Declaring interest. Shipping to USA. 4th in line?