View Full Version : For Sale amiga 1200 full extra

16th May 2018, 13:21
For sale my loved amiga 1200 desktop.

It has been recapped about 3 years ago and the timings have been fixed.
100% working QWERTY keyboard
100% working floppy
100% working outputs
It was retrobrighted some years ago but some of the yellowness started to resurface
The only flaw is the well known bulges from over tightening the case screws
The package contains:
2 CF cards, one with 4GB and one with 2GB formatted with pfs3 and sfs
2 CF card 44pin reader modded to use the amiga led used as master and slave
A 2 position ide 44 cable.
1 cf to pcmcia adapter with a 512MB cf to transfer the files from and to PC
Scandy 1200 scandoubler
GVP 1230 Jaws with full 32mb ram and a full 68030/40 with fpu made by Cosmos
TOM usb mouse/keyboard adapter
Power supply (amiga 600)
Two 100% working joysticks
100% working Original amiga 1200 mouse (a bit yellow)
2 HDD cradles
23 pin to scart cable
15pin vga cable
Kickstart 3.1
Workbench 3.0 books and disks
With over 100 discs from magazines and demos.

All the package for 600€ +1/2 p&p from Greece. Or near offer. Europe only please.

I will leave it here for a couple of days and then post it elsewhere.

Will upload pictures a bit later when I get to the cave.