View Full Version : For Sale Retrojoytester MK3 - Test your vintage joysticks (Amiga / Atari / C64)

24th May 2018, 11:27
This device is a continuity tester and by using it, you will be able to test any Atari-compatible joystick (not paddles) to see if they work as expected. It's great if you have a lot of joystick whose status you are unsure of, as it does not require a computer to work.

The tester is powered by a CR2032 coin-cell battery (included). Its small size makes it perfect to bring to flea markets - or similiar - where you want to make sure the joysticks you want to buy are working.

Price: 16.95 (assembled) or 9.95 (kit)
World-wide shipping: 2.95 (not tracked / insured), 12.95 (tracked / insured)


27th January 2019, 11:32
Still available for sale?

31st January 2019, 09:41
Yes, it's available. I have however not had the time to login here for a very long time so communications is a bit late. I'm sorry for that.

31st January 2019, 23:19
Interested in a fully assembled one, questions pending, sending PM.

Edit: Questions have been answered, we agreed on shipping terms. Money sent.

8th February 2019, 06:28
Item received, works fantastic and even had a battery included! Nice!

26th March 2019, 07:07
Interested in one Kit , shipping to Cyprus. Will PM later

26th March 2019, 17:15
Interested in assembled unit. Shipping to Ontario, Canada.