View Full Version : Closed Amiga Future Magazines w/CDs - Issues 80 to 86

9th October 2010, 00:55
For sale is the last 7 issues of the english version of Amiga Future Magazine. Each issue includes the CD ROM that came with the magazine. Each issue is mint condition and I never even used the CDs since I have no Amiga that could use CDs. Buyer will get issues #80 all the way up to the latest issue, #86. So, 7 issues in total. Selling for only $59.95 + postage. This is much cheaper if you were to buy them from a dealer or the publisher themselves. If interested, email me your postal address and I can get a quote for postage. I take Paypal as long as your account is verified and I am shipping to the verified address. Email me if you have any questions.

Here is a link to a picture of all 7 issues with all 7 CDs:


Thanks for looking!

* By the way, I believe I have 2 issues remaining on my subscription so whomever buys these most recent 7 issues I have, they will have 1st dibs on the next 2 issues I get at a discounted price just as the above mags are. Great time to get the last 7 issues and the next 2 at cheaper than any dealer or direct.

12th October 2010, 02:33
Lowered the price to only $59.95 + postage. I got a quote for someone this week for all 7 mags and it was only about $7.50 from west coast to east coast of USA. Great time to get all these very recent mags for your collection.

21st October 2010, 01:03
Looks like I have a buyer I am meeting up with at AmiWest this weekend so the magazines appear to be spoken for.

Thanks for looking. tj