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  1. BamberO's Avatar
    Tearaway is a tremendous game. Brilliant ideas and great use of the Vitas touchpad and camera.

    Everybodys Golf is great too.
  2. Amiga Forever's Avatar
    Half Life? I am not fan of Half life. Good game thought.

    Starcraft? That is good game but nowhere near good Commander and conquer Zero hour! I also played starcraft 2 too.

    I will be waiting for someone making General 2 mod(they already making it) for Commander and conquer Zero hour but I dont know when they will be out thought!
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  3. Harrison's Avatar
    An updated version of Ikaruga is available from the Xbox 360 online store and is worth getting. You can also play the original arcade version via MAME.

    Regarding games on the GCN, the 2 games I spent the most time playing were Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion. Both games offer so much gameplay and I never did finish either game 100%. Really must go back to them at some point.

    The Resident Evil remake was brilliant too, as was Resident Evil Zero.

    A sadly overlooked game console with some amazing first party and Capcom releases.

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was another good game for the system, able to use GBAs as controllers, utilising their own displays for additional information... and a feature again not used that much, with the idea copied from the Dreamcast controller's built in VMU screen.
  4. Harrison's Avatar
    The PSP had an amazing library of games that I'm still exploring. Combine that with the emulation you could run on a Softmodded PSP and it is one of the best handhelds released to date, next to the DS. I like it's successor, the Vita, even more in terms of hardware, but it's game libaby is very small by comparison.

    Another series of games I really enjoyed on the PSP was Lego, especially the Star Wars games. They didn't play as well on the PC IMO.
  5. Bigal322012's Avatar
    what about starcraft?
  6. DojoDan's Avatar
    Im sure you meant to include Half-Life in there somewhere!
  7. DojoDan's Avatar
    Some nice games mentioned mate. I never had a PS2 till my brother in law lent me his and a copy of Black, and wow, what an FPS! The whole game suited me perfectly. GT3 + 4 I found great as well. There's always Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection on PS3 which I've been told by my brother in law is definitely a must. I have to say I'm not a GTA fan (except for the first top down ones) or a God of War fan. Trying to pick up Okami for the Wii lately, just being a cheap skate
  8. DojoDan's Avatar
    I've yet to get a copy of Ikaruga, I really need some good looking shoot em ups in my collection. I've just bought Megaman Anniversary Collection from the states so if you haven't tried them I'll post up let you know, I'm a little worried about the emulation and the controller but hey. F-Zero GX does indeed look the nuts but I haven't got that. It's said to be pretty hard and I'm not a fan of how Wipeout type games handle so I think my money is best spent elsewhere. Freedom Fighters is fantastic, I can imagine from the box art it would be the last one picked by many but I loved the AI, the atmosphere and level design worked really well. Still looking for a copy of Twilight Princess at an affordable price but still eludes me.
  9. NinjaRabbit's Avatar
    I have no experience of the Atari 8-bit home computers from back in the day (I had a C64, and didn't know anyone who had an Atari XL or XE machine), so this list is really helpful in pointing me towards things that should be worth checking out. Thanks very much!

    My only real experience of the Atari XL/XE systems is recent, because I tracked down a game for them to add to my Lemmings collection - it's a really impressive unofficial Lemmings clone, called "The Brundles" - it's really rather good.
  10. sir_beaker's Avatar
    Great list

    I have to admit negotiating the beams killed God of War for me where the camera suddenly changed and I kept falling to my death in the fire below. It must have taken me 20 or 30 attempts to get past that one section

    It's a real shame they never produced a sequel (AFAIK) to Freedom Fighters. I really enjoyed that game.
  11. ColourWheel64's Avatar
    Awesome review of your PS2 experiences. I would also recommend Fantavision. It was the first PS2 game I played and has become something of a ritual in our household on Guy Fawkes night.

    As for Okami. I haven't played it on the PS2, but have the Wii version and on that it's amazing and - for me - reminiscent of simpler time when I enjoyed to watch those glorious 1980/1990s Miyazaki cartoons.

  12. Amiga Forever's Avatar
    I have to try again on Grid and see how I goes.

    GRID Autosport? I played that in the Arcade in Blackpool and really Hard game!

    Dirt Showdown is so much fun as remind of destruction derby and I need played them more!
  13. Harrison's Avatar
    Grid? I didnt like it as impossible to contol the car. Grid 2? they improve car handling but I havnt played much....
    Most argue it's the other way. The original GRID had fairly realistic feeling handling, meaning it was more a sim racer that felt like an arcade racer. It took some time practicing to perfect the game, which is how many like it. An arcade racer is always too easy to just jump in the car and win the race... quick fix racing but not really long term enjoyment or sense of achievement.

    GRID 2 for many ruined the series by going too much towards an arcade racer with limited car customisation in terms of car setup before a race. I still really enjoyed the game, but as a quick pick up and play racer when I don't have much time.

    GRID Autosport is a return back towards the root of the original GRID, with more hands on control, more realistic handling, a lot more cars, tracks and events. Great fun and definitely worth it for those wanting a bit more sim than arcade, but still not quite as die hard sim as SimBin games.

    If you like a more arcade style racer have you tried DiRT Showdown? Great fun, especially the sandbox stunt and trick levels where you get dropped into a playground area with jumps and other things to explore and enjoy. Trying to perfect doughnuts around stanchions is very hard though.
  14. Amiga Forever's Avatar
    I am not really RPG Fan I am afraid....

    Grid? I didnt like it as impossible to contol the car. Grid 2? they improve car handling but I havnt played much....
    Shift ? good game and somethings different
  15. Harrison's Avatar
    I noticed you didn't list any RPGs? Are you not into them? Have you tried many?

    Baldur's Game
    Dragon Age
    Star Wars The Old Republic
    Mass Effect

    The PC has a very rich and diverse genre of RPGs and for me the best genre of them all.

    You list a few racing games. Have you tried any of the GRID or Shift series?
  16. DojoDan's Avatar
    I have an Atari 800XL + SIO2SD that hasn't had much use because there's so much on it, now I know which games to try first. Cheers
  17. NinjaRabbit's Avatar
    Nice list!

    I'm very fond of Asteroids, Bubble Bobble, Ms. Pac-Man, Time Pilot, Burger Time, Root Beer Tapper, Pac-Land, and Crazy Kong Part II (the non-bootleg version of this is actually the officially-licensed European release of Donkey Kong, with some tweaks - Nintendo didn't have a European presence at the time, so they allowed a company called Falcon to handle it for them).

    There are others, but those are the ones that spring most readily to mind.