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  1. TOP 10 ATARI 65XE Games

    In the old days of 80's Atari 65xe Games that I used to played lots in 1986!

    1) Zybex - Great shoot em up which I finished it and it had everythings you want!

    2) Draconus - Great game with good graphics, Music and gameplay

    3) Joe Blade - Great game but 30 years on, I still couldnt finished it

    4) Jock Wilson Dart Challange - Challanging game as I got to final but lost to man himself(Jock) and it is really hard as he kept throwing 180 ...

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  2. Arcade Games that I used to played back in 80's and onward

    The Arcade of 80's and 90's that I used played are

    Dragon Ninja
    Burger Time
    Captain Commando
    Chase HQ
    Championship Sprint
    Double Dragon 1 and 2
    Euduro Racer
    Empire Strikes Back
    Final Fight
    Final Blow
    Football Champ
    Forgotten World
    Final Round(Fast Pace Boxing!)
    Flying Shark
    Gauntlet 1 and 2
    Green Beret
    Ghouls n Ghosts ...

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