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    Damn it, had everything working except Warp3d and now she has gone rather temperamental.......
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    Well, I have now got everything including my DVD drive working again. My temporary power cabling to accommodate the new SCSI bridge and CF reader meant that putting the DVD drive at the end of the line caused it an issue, and as I hadn't used it for ages I thought it was broken. Rearranging the power cables a bit however seems to have sorted that. I have now setup AmiCDFS2, which means that when I stick in CD then the icon appears and I can access it, but also when I eject the CD it updates the workbench which I seemed to be having issues with before. I can merrily play audio CDs and load the OS3.9 CD. Havent yet played with CD32 discs.
    What I am intending to do is fit one CF adapter on top of the PCMCIA slot - I used to have one of kippers external adapters so my case is already modified for that. This one will be connected to the IDE Fix express. I then want to connect the SCSI bridge to my existing CF card reader that sticks out the back. if I move my internal case fan over a bit, and sort out some new power cables then it may just about all fit inside with the case closed!
    Anyway, that is the plan. Might take me a little while to get it all back together with the case closed.
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    IT LIVES! Hurrah.
    Need to tidy up the cabling a lot, and make some other decisions around if i keep the IDE CF adpater available or not. Pics etc will follow .....
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    To fix that screen corruptions, just shortcut 127R and add a heatsink over the lisa.
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    Hmmmm - the screen artifacts are back but seem to go once the machine has been on for a minute or so? What is that about?
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    Dammit - I post these random blogs on here and only notice the odd comments a few months later! (nobody usually comments) - sorry!
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    Ouch, sorry to hear that. That reminded me to backup my CF. It's only 2 minutes work and can save me lots of time and spare me of frustration in the long run.

    How exactly software in ADF/floppies corrupts CF? Obviously, it can be done intentionally by including scsi.device and whatnot but could it be done by accident? Do they mess with DMA and hardware registers which could cause writes on CF? It concerns me because I'm using Gotek with massive amounts of ADFs. Obviously, I delete everything marked with virus tag in the filename before it even reaches my Amiga but one can never be too safe.
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    Only just seen the comment - sorry!
    yeah its Blizkicked on an a1200 - see my signature on the forum
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    Thats fantastic. What amiga is this running on? And when you say softkicked i assume you mean that it is all loaded at bootup similar to relokick or something like that. Forgive my ignorance as unfortunately have not been able to keep up on amiga tech as much as i would have liked.
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    Well, this is what my bootup is like currently - still got some screen mode issues (and its a shameless blend of other people's work, so no credit to me):
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    Well, I have my working basic 3.9 Kickstart with just updated HSmathslibs and icon library, as well as BB1/2 and the new exec and some romfixes.
    I paused there while playing with Rainboot and that led to messing around with screenmodes etc on the Indy, and have got into a little muddle. Almost resolved now I hope, and will post pics/vid at some point once I have tidied up the startup sequence etc.
    Its just hard to find time at the moment.