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CrazyC's Sanitarium

  1. Kickstarts and loading screens

    Well, now that finances have put a hold on any hardware mods for a while, I am getting my fix by looking into making my own 3.9 kickstart.
    As this will be softkicked rather than burnt onto eproms, I am limited to 512kb so out goes the workbench library to start.

    I am trying to start with a nice 3.1 updated for BB 1 and 2 and with Piru's exec.
    After that I will try and update some more, and am using kickcontrol to choose the kickstart option on boot.

    At the same ...
  2. Almost there

    Still needs a bit of tidying - but she works!
    Here is how it looks, which was pretty much what I was trying to achieve actually.
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  3. A quick update

    OK - well now the miggy can see the drive, and whilst there are some bits to sort out, putting in the OS 3.9 CD does exactly what it should.
    After a bit of dremel related action on the white case, its now fitted, and I will slide it under the Amiga once I sort out the cabling issues.
    Here is a quick pic to hopefully show why I wanted to use this drive.
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  4. Fans

    Well, all of this added activity inside my case means that after quite a a while, I am getting some minor screen corruption - this is exactly what I had before the fan went on the Indy and the heat sink on Alice. I reckon there is not enough airflow.

    So what I have done is added an extraction fan under the vents, and I also have a fan to pull air in that I am likely to site beside the PCMCIA slot. The IDE-Fix Express is slightly in the way, but I am hoping this will also help channel ...
  5. The Madness returns

    After a short sojourn into the world of the C64, I was again gripped by the Amiga Fever this summer.
    I had known for a while that my CF card performance on the IDE side was poor, and had not been able to remedy this. I therefore decided to look out for an IDE-Fix Express. These are however in high demand and not regularly available, and the fever would not allow me to wait forever. I therefore took advice and went down the route of getting an SCSI kit to go with my blizzard 1260. After ...
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