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  1. Nintendo 3DS and DS Multi-player Essentials

    Though handheld consoles tend to, quite rightly, be geared towards single-player games, the onset of wireless technology meant that such machines have been able to break free of the awkward link cables of times gone by, allowing for much more convenient multi-player experiences where it's fitting to include them.

    Over time, I've found that there are some Nintendo 3DS and DS games with real multi-player sticking power, and I'm going to share them here, in no particular order.

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  2. NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Merchandise Collection - Part 6

    by , 26th November 2014 at 02:17 (NinjaRabbit's Burrow)
    I hadn't planned on writing another one of these posts until the new official Lemmings merchandise launches in early 2015, but I now have enough new Lemmings items (plus one that I forgot to write about last time!) in my collection to warrant one more entry in this series this year.


    Little Plush Faller Keychain (Sewn; Just under 4" tall) ...

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  3. Suspiciously retro game-themed craft supplies

    I've noticed, with good-natured amusement, that someone working in the buying or design departments at one of my favourite craft supplies retailers, Baker Ross, must be into retro video games.

    Over time, they've added a couple of products to their line-up that are very obviously inspired by Puyo Puyo, and The Legend of Zelda. Take a look at these bouncy balls, and bracelet charms.

    These are listed as Dotty Eye Jet ...
  4. NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Merchandise Collection - Part 5

    This will be the last of the mini-sized updates to the NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Collection series, as a raft of official Lemmings merchandise is due to hit retailers in early 2015.

    This update actually only contains one item, which I made.

    Soft Toys

    Max (Sewn; Just under nine-and-a-half" tall) - A plush lemming who I made as a mascot for myself. He has a selection of Build-A-Bear Workshop-compatible ...

    Updated 15th October 2014 at 23:20 by NinjaRabbit

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  5. Bubble Bobble Plush With Sound, by Gaya Entertainment

    by , 25th September 2014 at 20:55 (NinjaRabbit's Burrow)
    One of the first things I ever wrote about on my blog here, way back in April, was a pair of then-upcoming officially-licensed Bubble Bobble plushes of the famous humans-turned-Bubble Dragons, Bub and Bob, which, at the time, were due to be released the following month.

    What followed were countless delays, beginning with issues with the sound modules (what these issues were was unfortunately never revealed, but my guess would be on licensor approval, rather than manufacturing defects, ...

    Updated 25th September 2014 at 21:04 by NinjaRabbit

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