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  1. Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 2)

    Now lets turn to the keyboard.

    This was really easy - open it up, screw in the keyrah, plug in the keybaord conenctor and slot in the keyboard, add a few screws and voila.
    Now yes, i did manage to slightly thread one of the plastic screws, but hey ho.

    Points to note.
    I had intended to try and find a way of fitting LEDs, even if it mean butchering the previous LED board that I now have spare, BUT, I think that if I plug it into the keyrah it will foul on the ...

    Updated 15th October 2020 at 22:55 by CrazyC

  2. Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 1)

    Well today my Checkmate case arrived! Despite my initial intention to leave it well alone until the weekend as I have lots of work to do, I couldn't resist opening it up and having a go tonight!
    Whilst I did read the manual (so I thought) there are a few lessons to learn from today's experience.

    1. RTFM from cover to cover. Even if its not for the setup you are doing.
    2. Don't overtighten anything........
    3. Dont assume anything.
    4. Try not to let your excitement ...

    Updated 17th October 2020 at 13:12 by CrazyC

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