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  1. Checkmate 1500 plus

    Ah well, now that my towered a1200 has gone nearly as far as I want to take it (PPC is out of my league), my mind has turned to a new project. Despite all my comments about never being interested in big box amigas, I have now ordered a Checkmate case for my other a1200!

    Obviously it will take a while to come so there wont be much in the way of updates on this for a while, but I watched one of the videos and the next run will apparently be the last, and for some reason I just ...
  2. Recent updates

    Well as documented in a post somewhere on here I recently removed my dodgy homemade faceplate for the CF adapter and USB, and got a 3d printed CF bracket, and then a USB hub that seemed to go well. Before and after pics below for posterity, including the 3d printed bracket from thingiverse

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Musings.......

    Well as I didn't want to start the usual flame war about emulators vs real kit and what is an emulator and is a vampire a real amiga and all of that....I thought I would put a few thoughts here where no one will see them

    Personally I believe that the best thing is whatever does it for each individual - there is no fixed line as such. For me I like the original hardware. I get a kick out of using the original hardware. Yes, I use a CF hard drive, and an Indy Mk2 and I connect ...
  4. Return to the Amiga 1200 - My Journey - Part 7

    Quote Originally Posted by RetroMatt View Post
    Part #7 - An eclectic mega mix of updates

    Well, another few days have passed and there's been quite a bit of activity on the various sub-projects going on as part of my journey back to the Amiga 1200.

    So - let's dive straight in !

    1) Disks (Revisited)

    I gave a pretty big update on a collection of "blanks" I picked up recently. I've now pulled out a ton of branded disks for my base supply, but will definitely have a ton to sell. The
  5. Return to the Amiga 1200 - My Journey - Part 6

    Quote Originally Posted by RetroMatt View Post
    Part #6 - Sticks of Joy !

    It's been a few days since I last posted - largely due to being busy fixing things for this and another project I've got going on. As the title suggests and I'd hinted at previously as being my next post, this update is surrounding all things joystick. You may recall from a previous update I posted that in total I have ordered 3 joystick's for this project: 1 x Suzo "The Arcade", 2 x Zip Stik and had 2 supplied with the Amiga: 1 x Quick Shot Apache
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