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  1. Christmas in July!

    If you're a craftsperson of any kind, you'll know very well that you have to start dealing with Christmas-related items quite early. I've been doing just that lately, and even my lemmings are getting into the festive spirit*!

    The outfit is the coat and hat from a Santa outfit for 16" teddy bears, manufactured by Teddy Mountain (a stuffable bears and accessories manufacturer and franchise that competes with Build-A-Bear ...
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  2. Arcade Games that I used to played back in 80's and onward

    The Arcade of 80's and 90's that I used played are

    Dragon Ninja
    Burger Time
    Captain Commando
    Chase HQ
    Championship Sprint
    Double Dragon 1 and 2
    Euduro Racer
    Empire Strikes Back
    Final Fight
    Final Blow
    Football Champ
    Forgotten World
    Final Round(Fast Pace Boxing!)
    Flying Shark
    Gauntlet 1 and 2
    Green Beret
    Ghouls n Ghosts ...

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  3. Ratchet & Clank Movie Trailer

    I'm not a fan of 3D platform games. I invariably find them to be dull chores, though sometimes I will gel with the characters, settings, and music. Such is the case with Ratchet & Clank, and several others - I love them and their adventures, but the games simply aren't for me.

    An early contender from the wave of currently-ongoing game-to-film adaptations (which also includes the likes of Asteroids, Minecraft, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Space Invaders), Ratchet & Clank will be ...

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  4. Almost there

    Still needs a bit of tidying - but she works!
    Here is how it looks, which was pretty much what I was trying to achieve actually.
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  5. A quick update

    OK - well now the miggy can see the drive, and whilst there are some bits to sort out, putting in the OS 3.9 CD does exactly what it should.
    After a bit of dremel related action on the white case, its now fitted, and I will slide it under the Amiga once I sort out the cabling issues.
    Here is a quick pic to hopefully show why I wanted to use this drive.
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