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  1. TOP 10 PSP Games

    The SONY PSP is amazing Handheld to own one and also they have amazing game librarys to played too.

    So what is the most games that I used to played....Here my top 10

    1) Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins - Best version by far, It had everythings you want in game but it is Hard game...not the hardest like Snes version!

    2) Ridge Racer - When it first came out and it blow everyone away including me!

    3) GTA Liberty City - Who ever thought it ever come to small ...
  2. TOP 10 Dreamcast Games

    What Dreamcast games I played the my TOP 10.....

    1) Gunlord - It like Turrican but harder game

    2) Neo XYZ - Fast Pace colourful Shoot em up with NO Slowdown at all!

    3) Soul Calibur - Much better than Arcade. Great Game!

    4) House of the Dead 2 - Really good with holding Gun as if was like you are in the Arcade. Great game with good story

    5) Virtua Tennis 2 - Great game and even better with 2 players

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  3. TOP 10 GAMECUBE Games

    Being Owned Gamecube with Resident Evil 4. I love my gamecube due Small size and also know Fast Loader too!

    What the Most game I used played on my Top 10

    1) Resident Evil 4 - Best Version by far. Best Horrors game I have played.

    2) Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader - Best Starwars game by far and it like being in film but you controlling it Mind Blowing!

    3) F Zero GX - The Fastest and Toughest Game there is. 30 Cars ...
  4. TOP 10 Playstation 2 Games

    I bought PS 2 round 2002 or 2003. The Games I have played was amazing and so much fun I had!

    So What my top 10 PS 2 games that I played the Most !

    1) Devil May Cry - What a Game that is and yes, I finished it....Just WOW. Level 9 Boss Vampire was hard boss because I kept thinking that I have kill the vampire but it wasnt to be. She keep coming close to me and Kiss me then my Health was going down! So I had keep distance against Vampire of chance of beating her! Brilliant ...

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  5. Top 10 PC Games

    I switched to PC on year 2000 and You wouldnt like to know how much PC System that I payed for which was 1,300 from PC World! Shocking

    Now then TOP 10 PC Games I have the most are

    1) Commander and Conquer Zero Hour - I have played the game loads of times and online gaming too. I love building my Armys, When to defence and when to attack them!

    2) Championship Manager 01/02 - Fastest game where you speed through the season in 3 hours and there is speed ...