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  1. Top 10 PC Games

    I switched to PC on year 2000 and You wouldnt like to know how much PC System that I payed for which was 1,300 from PC World! Shocking

    Now then TOP 10 PC Games I have the most are

    1) Commander and Conquer Zero Hour - I have played the game loads of times and online gaming too. I love building my Armys, When to defence and when to attack them!

    2) Championship Manager 01/02 - Fastest game where you speed through the season in 3 hours and there is speed ...
  2. TOP 10 Amiga Games

    In 1991, The Amiga came along when I bought and it was best things I ever done!

    What was the most games I used played from 1991 to 2000 and here my TOP 10 of Amiga games I used played that are my Favorites Games...

    1) Senisble World of Soccer - Pick Any team in the world, I love Building my Team and take them to the top! What is amazing about is that come 50 Leagues in the world with all Players data, Team Colours shirt, hairs and so on onto just 2 Disks! Amazing!

    Updated 23rd November 2014 at 15:06 by Amiga Forever

  3. Commander and Conquer Zero Hour - Impossible Skirmish Challenge !

    Commander and conquer Zero hour?

    What is really about? Well, You are the General as begin of the Skirmish game. You can choose whichever Generals weather it USA, China or GLA.

    They all got strongest and weakest in each Generals.
    Your Job is control your Armys weather it tanks, Armys, Aircrafts, Super Weapon as it all about decisions making on what you trying to do and how to beat their weakest.

    IF you are really Beginner of new game then Played against ...

    Updated 22nd November 2014 at 20:16 by Amiga Forever

  4. TOP 10 C64 Games

    In 1987, when I first got C64 and some games. I was blow away how fast the loading time was and also they have Much better Games too.

    Now for TOP 10 C64 Games(from 1987 to 1991) and most game I used to played are...

    1) Turrican 2 - No Brainer....Out of this World and best of all is only 1MHZ and 64k Ram! You should turn up the music volume to hear Amazing music as I felt like listen to Hi FI as It was that GOOD!

    2) IK+ - WOW, Music itself is unbelievable ...

    Updated 22nd November 2014 at 18:19 by Amiga Forever

  5. TOP 10 ATARI 65XE Games

    In the old days of 80's Atari 65xe Games that I used to played lots in 1986!

    1) Zybex - Great shoot em up which I finished it and it had everythings you want!

    2) Draconus - Great game with good graphics, Music and gameplay

    3) Joe Blade - Great game but 30 years on, I still couldnt finished it

    4) Jock Wilson Dart Challange - Challanging game as I got to final but lost to man himself(Jock) and it is really hard as he kept throwing 180 ...

    Updated 22nd November 2014 at 11:10 by Amiga Forever