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  1. Game Magazines from the Past!

    I remember some of Amazing Games Mags such as

    CVG(Computer Video Games)
    MAXIMUM The Video Game Magazine
    Ultimate Future Game Magazine
    Game X

    Atari User( Not great thought!)

    Zzap 64
    Commodore Force

    Amiga CU
    Amiga Format
    Amiga Actions(Early versions was the best as love colourful mags)
    The One Amiga

    All those magazines that I bought above was enjoyable to read or ...

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  2. Return to the Amiga 1200 - My Journey - Part 5

    Quote Originally Posted by RetroMatt View Post
    Part #5 - If the universe is ever expanding, what's it expanding into ?

    Well, another day with two updates - but, I felt it prudent as I can approach the topic I've had the most comments on so far.. expansion cards !

    OK - this is perhaps the BIGGEST rabbit hole of them all. My research into this is still ongoing as to what's possible - there's just so many options & choices out there. What I figured quite quickly was I needed to approach this the same way I did with

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  3. Return to the Amiga 1200 - My Journey - Part 4

    Quote Originally Posted by RetroMatt View Post
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Expansions cards is definitely a topic I'll be revisiting at some point in the future. Cost is somewhat prohibitive to me at the minute as I'm trying to do this on a budget - but satisfy my basic needs without getting too carried away, yet...

    Another update posting incoming..

    - - - Updated - - -

    Part #4 - All things Floppy !

    Well, today's update as the title suggests is Floppy Disk related. As I hinted

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  4. Return to the Amiga 1200 - My Journey - Part 3

    Quote Originally Posted by RetroMatt View Post
    #3) Initial Requirements & First Stage Mods

    Two posts in one day - well, there's been a lot going on..

    My Amiga is still in the same state it was previously - in bits awaiting return of the recapped motherboard & repaired keyboard.

    They say the devil makes work for idle hands and he's definitely made a dent in my bank balance. It's easy to get carried away with upgrades and mods. I'm trying to be sensible in my approach so I listed exactly what I

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  5. Return to the Amiga 1200 - My Journey - Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by RetroMatt View Post
    Part #2: Recapping & Initial Repairs.

    We left my last post with me getting my new purchase home and showing pictures of it. Now, obviously the first thing I did was test it some more as soon as I walked through the door. Unfortunately the lack of software and disks available to me at the time prohibited me from doing as an extensive a test as I would like (eg. testing the Techno Turbo adapter)- so I set about checking what I could and researching on the internet for what I knew

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