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  1. Checkmate Build (Part 5)

    Well for Xmas I got a rapidroad USB for my checkmate. I got a couple of short USB extenders that did not have chunky female connectors, and took my dremel to my spare little additional front panel for the checkmate case.

    At first it was great, but then I realised that I could not refit the panel with the connectors in place as it would not fit back in and I did not want to modify the case panel itself. Luckily the little panel is reversible which while it doesn't give the same continued ...
  2. Breakout board developing LC4128V tqfp100 cpld

    Some BASIC to align leds:
    10 rem in millimeters
    20 pi=3.14159
    50 centerx=1.600*25.4
    60 centery=1.600*25.4
    70 ledradius = 35.5
    80 resradius = 39
    90 print "grid mm;"
    100 for i=0 to 63
    110 angle = pi * (5/4 + (2*i/64))
    120 x=cos(angle)*ledradius
    130 y=sin(angle)*ledradius
    140 print "move ";
    142 gosub 700
    145 print "LED";pnum$;
    150 print " (";centerx+x;centery+y;");" ...
  3. CF Card with Whd load

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could make me a large compact flash card with workbench 3.9
    I have got an Amiga 1200 With blizzard 1260 128 mb of ram. I was wondering if I could have all the a500 whd load games and Aga 4mb fast ram games and cd32 games also i have got a cd32 with a tf330 it would be good if it could work on there if possible also is it possible to put Doom 1 and 2 on it and the Plutonia and tnt version of doom.
    Decent, Duke nukem atomic, Genetic species Amiquake 1 and ...

    Updated 8th November 2020 at 14:26 by Bevanj

  4. hi all retro freaks

  5. Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 4)

    Well, after all the shenanigans with the DVD drive, its fitted and although the inside isnt tidy, and there are some more things I will do if I get a chance, its closed up and running, and I am loving it.
    (Just in case anyone has the same question I did, I would suggest M2 3mm screws to fit the LG GS40N - the 4mm ones I used for the DVD block the mechanism if too tight. )

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As you can see in the pics I added ...
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