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  1. Wanted Commodore Amiga Squirrel SCSI Interface

    mail me what condition & price etc thanks:D
  2. New Amiga store in Brazil, now opened!!!

    Hello All,

    Sygno Music DJ`s Store in Brazil starting working with amiga products and we are official dealer of Individual computers!!!

    Our contacts are:

    Sygno Music
    Rua Barata Ribeiro 370, Loja 219
    Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    +55 21 3251-1567

    Long Life to amiga!!!

    Best Regards,

  3. Bloody Adverts!

    I always liked the loading screens of Commodore 64 games - they often gave you a glimpse of a game's world and atmosphere before you got to see it for yourself.

    Yesterday, I revisited an old favourite which was proof positive that some games didn't have very good loading screens...

    And who said that advertising and product-placement in games was a new thing?
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  4. Kickstarts and loading screens

    Well, now that finances have put a hold on any hardware mods for a while, I am getting my fix by looking into making my own 3.9 kickstart.
    As this will be softkicked rather than burnt onto eproms, I am limited to 512kb so out goes the workbench library to start.

    I am trying to start with a nice 3.1 updated for BB 1 and 2 and with Piru's exec.
    After that I will try and update some more, and am using kickcontrol to choose the kickstart option on boot.

    At the same ...
  5. Lomax - Last Game of its Kind?

    Lomax is a platform game released for the Sony PlayStation in 1996 (it was released in North America under the name "The Adventures of Lomax", though the title screen still bears the same title that was used for the rest of the world). It is the spiritual sequel to The Misadventures of Flink (Mega CD, Mega Drive, and Amiga CD32), and is part of the four-game lineage of platform games worked on by artist Henk Nieborg and programmer Erwin Kloibhofer, which also includes Ghost Battle (Amiga, ...

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