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  1. CrazyC's Avatar
    I am afraid I know nothing about the Vampires really, or much about expanding a500s. The only reason I have one is that when I was down to one a1200 I wanted second amiga to put in the summerhouse (mancave) and tried a cheaper option of an a500 and a gotek as I only really wanted a few specific games. however I had real issues with one of those and in the end got fed up and got another a1200......
    Yes I think the case is aimed at a500s, which is why I did toy with the idea. I think there is a facebook group you could ask on? or email the guy directly?
    Or ask your question about expanding an a500 on here or EAB?
  2. hyperfan's Avatar
    Hi I am looking at a checkmate case as well. I can't decide if to go a500 or 1200. It seems to me the case was built more to suit the 500 with the keyboard cable and keyboard lights ect.

    But like you I don't know what I would need to spend to get the a500 to run everything as I have only used my 1200 of late.

    Would something like a vampire, make it run every game like a 1200? Are there any other solutions for the a500?

    Also if I went a500 is it best to use an a500 + ?