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  1. Updates and changes

    Well its been a while, but I came across a tower case on ebay which I miraculously won for a tiny price, and so it seemed rude to not then tower my main a1200. So I set out on another adventure with a few twists and turns and as is generally the case with this hobby, a few setbacks. These are mostly documented in the threads here and here.

    So now I have 2 A1200 which are both still work in progress.

    My main one is towered, with an original mediator, soundcard, NIC, ...
  2. CDTV Capacitor list

    I decided to recap on my CDTV, starting with the CDROM as it has difficulty starting, the front panel as the IR was weak and I am considering the PSU as well. As there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive Capacitor list for the CDTV, the mainboard, CDROM and the PSU I decided to document the values.

    After the initial tear-down of the CDTV, I also removed the CDROM PCB, it was a real pain to get to the CDROM PCB, got there eventually. Looks like my CDROM PCB has had quite a bit of rework, ...
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Name:	CDROM_PCB_top.jpg 
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Name:	CDROM_PCB_bottom.jpg 
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Name:	IR-mod1.jpg 
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Name:	IR-mod2.jpg 
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  3. Preorder: New Amiga 4000T (Tower) complete PCB sets

  4. 8375B AGNUS chip for the A3000

    Quote Originally Posted by Pior View Post
    Still Looking for a good 8575B or 8575A-B Agnus chip. If you have one or know where to get one PM me

    Thank you
  5. Looking for a 8375B AGNUS chip

    Looking for a 8375B Agnus chip for my 3000 any out there. [318069-19 NTSC]
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