• Welcome to Amibay

    Welcome to the new and improved Amibay

    The newly updated Amibay.com retro trading site.

    We hope existing members like the new and improved site, and new users find it friendly, welcoming and easy to use.

    Please feel free to post comments about the update.
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    1. dh1's Avatar
      dh1 -
      Looking Good!
    1. colm321's Avatar
      colm321 -
      Looks great. Good job!
    1. lordbla9's Avatar
      lordbla9 -
      New user here, hope it will be fun
    1. joedredd's Avatar
      joedredd -
      The notice at the top of the screen says I should read the rules? But links me to the smilies page...
      Are the rules simply happy, sad, wink, tongue, clown face?
    1. NooNaN's Avatar
      NooNaN -
      looking really nice - thanks!
    1. Waldheimer's Avatar
      Waldheimer -
      looks good!
    1. oundfire99's Avatar
      oundfire99 -
    1. tom.jones's Avatar
      tom.jones -
      I am a Amiga Newbie and I hope to find out something here. Great site!
    1. mrr19121970's Avatar
      mrr19121970 -
      The update is over 5 years old. Maybe time for a new landing page message.
    1. tassadar's Avatar
      tassadar -
      Hey, I like the new look!
    1. Watson's Avatar
      Watson -
      Looks good to me, although I'm still relatively new here so i haven't had much time to become attached to the way it looked