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    This was a fascinating project to work on, combined with the fact that it got a lot of forums talking about science in a really serious way was a major buzz for me; science isn't always seen as a 'sexy' subject, but this project actually had a goal that the retro forums could relate to.

    The discussions have also brought together retro forums that hitherto may not have communicated with each other, such as the Atari and Amiga communities; old rivalries die hard it seems, but the Retr0brite project benefits all. I am glad that my chemical knowledge and experience has been able to be put to good use to serve the retro community that I am proud to be a part of. Everyone who has and continues to contribute to this truly global project can be proud that we have created something really special here.

    The information here is released into the public domain for all to share, as we believe that this could not be patented; the public domain is the right place in my view anyway, so that all may benefit.

    We have deliberately simplified the scientific explanation in this Wiki, so that people with a limited background in science can get a rough idea of what is happening; we aren't about to write a thesis here. The science behind this phenomenon is understood, however, it was felt that a simple, easy to read article was more appropriate - and it's not 15 pages long!!

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    Anyway, I had the issue with the drive not...

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    Now lets turn to the keyboard.

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    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 1)

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    So far got 2 chips in the mail a lot sooner than I expected. First one the seller didn't secure it correctly and it ended up banging up

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    Apologies for more questions, but to spend this amount of money, I would like to know as much as I can and have piece of mind before buying.

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    Useful Amiga Cables & Adapters


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    Seiko 8600 computer from 1983.

    4200 euros

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