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    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 3)

    Well, were it not for amazon delivering the wrong dvd drive I would be close to finished with this now, but that will have to wait for next weekend.....

    Anyway, I had the issue with the drive not...

    CrazyC 18th October 2020 22:51

    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 2)

    Now lets turn to the keyboard.

    This was really easy - open it up, screw in the keyrah, plug in the keybaord conenctor and slot in the keyboard, add a few screws and voila.
    Now yes, i did manage...

    CrazyC 15th October 2020 22:55

    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 1)

    Well today my Checkmate case arrived! Despite my initial intention to leave it well alone until the weekend as I have lots of work to do, I couldn't resist opening it up and having a go tonight!...

    CrazyC 15th October 2020 22:42
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    My 486 Build

    So far got 2 chips in the mail a lot sooner than I expected. First one the seller didn't secure it correctly and it ended up banging up

    bestjunky Today, 04:45 Go to last post

    Amiga 3000/4000 Apollo A4060 accelerator with memory

    Apologies for more questions, but to spend this amount of money, I would like to know as much as I can and have piece of mind before buying.

    matt020 Today, 02:47 Go to last post

    Amiga Video - SCART Cables DELUXE

    Hello, interested by the Philips 75 cm transparent cable and gold cinchs. PM follows.

    Nowee Today, 02:21 Go to last post

    Useful Amiga Cables & Adapters


    Interested by:

    Amiga 3000T - ATX Power Supply Adapter
    Iomega Zip // drive cable for big box Amiga

    Nowee Today, 02:18 Go to last post

    Seiko 8600 computer from 1983.

    4200 euros

    Cyberjunkie Today, 02:09 Go to last post