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    by Published on 13th September 2020 23:00
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    Welcome to Amibay

    A site dedicated to retro trading.

    We really hope you enjoy your time here and find what you are looking for.

    Amibay is a community based trading site. We are dedicated to hardware and software for both home computers and consoles since the beginning of computing and gaming.

    Please consider the following

    • If you are new here you will need to register before you can start posting and trading.
    • If you have any issues when registering please contact us via our Facebook group for help.
    • Once registered please ensure you are familiar with all of our site rules.
    • All sales on Amibay are private. We are only here to facilitate your sale. It's completely between the buyer and seller as a private sale. But the Amibay staff are here to help answer any questions and to attempt to help if a sale goes wrong.
    • Always express interest in a sale within its sale listing (thread), before sending any private messages to a selller. This is the only way we can maintain an order of interest for any sales.
    • Always use a secure method to pay for an item. We highly recommend Paypal. But with fees. Don't send as friends to avoid fees unless you trust a seller as you won't have any buyer protection.
    • Always ship items securely packaged, clearly labelled, and using a registered and tracked shipping service.
    • This is a family friendly site, and as such please refrain from any insults, swearing or disrespect. If you have an issue with another member please contact a staff member for help and advice.

    Asking questions

    If you are confused about something, can't find a feature or something doesn't appear to be working then please post in the following feedback forum and we will be happy to help.


    Finally, If you spot what you think might be a bug on the site then please post in the following feedback forum so we can investigate.


    I hope you like and enjoy Amibay! Have fun!


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    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 3)

    Well, were it not for amazon delivering the wrong dvd drive I would be close to finished with this now, but that will have to wait for next weekend.....

    Anyway, I had the issue with the drive not...

    CrazyC 18th October 2020 22:51

    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 2)

    Now lets turn to the keyboard.

    This was really easy - open it up, screw in the keyrah, plug in the keybaord conenctor and slot in the keyboard, add a few screws and voila.
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    Looking for a Diamond Stealth64 VRAM VLB 968 2 or 4MB

    I have a S3 968, 2Mb + 2MB daughter card for a total of 4MB if you are interested?

    If so, I will dig out some pictures for you.

    386_junkie Today, 07:04 Go to last post

    My 486 Build

    So far got 2 chips in the mail a lot sooner than I expected. First one the seller didn't secure it correctly and it ended up banging up

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    Amiga 3000/4000 Apollo A4060 accelerator with memory

    Apologies for more questions, but to spend this amount of money, I would like to know as much as I can and have piece of mind before buying.

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    Amiga Video - SCART Cables DELUXE

    Hello, interested by the Philips 75 cm transparent cable and gold cinchs. PM follows.

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    Useful Amiga Cables & Adapters


    Interested by:

    Amiga 3000T - ATX Power Supply Adapter
    Iomega Zip // drive cable for big box Amiga

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