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Some more challenges

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Well, I got my a500 for the man cave, and so proceeded to try and write a few adfs to disk to play out there. Hmm, it all went a bit wrong, as whether it was in infected or corrupts adf one of them trashed my CF HD on my a1200.
I ended up having to go back to an earlier backup (hence why I like CF HDs) and reset up a few bits. As that is an 8GB CF, I thought I would set up a smaller system only one on a 4gb card for minimising risk when burning adfs for the a500.

Anyway, also thought I would get a Gotek from kipper for the a500 to avoid the issue entirely, however although it worked I could not for love or money may it load Supercars 2 which was a dealbreaker for me. So back to real disks.

My preordered ACA1221 turned up so I managed (with some difficulty being honest) to set up a 4gb CF with CWBADV on it, so I could test out the new kit. It all worked fine I have to say, and has made me question 2 things.
1 - Do I really need the blizzard 1260? Obviously the answer is no, but I still cannot force myself to let it go.
2 - Do I need to bother with a Higher resolution workbench? Using the CWBADV I think I dont. I think I will look into this one further.

In the mean time, I was messing around with the Indy MK2 and managed to flash a config that then my monitor would not display.
Plugged in an old video cable, but as I had set a higher resolution workbench, it would not display it.
Booting from floppy worked unless I had my CF card connected, in Which case I got a weird screen that said workbench but I could not access anything.
In the end I used WINUAE to change the screenmode to something that would display on the old video cable, and then reflashed the Indy.
What a pain.
Anyway, I now seem to be back in business.
Its never dull messing around with this stuff........
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  1. disco's Avatar
    Ouch, sorry to hear that. That reminded me to backup my CF. It's only 2 minutes work and can save me lots of time and spare me of frustration in the long run.

    How exactly software in ADF/floppies corrupts CF? Obviously, it can be done intentionally by including scsi.device and whatnot but could it be done by accident? Do they mess with DMA and hardware registers which could cause writes on CF? It concerns me because I'm using Gotek with massive amounts of ADFs. Obviously, I delete everything marked with virus tag in the filename before it even reaches my Amiga but one can never be too safe.
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  2. CrazyC's Avatar
    Dammit - I post these random blogs on here and only notice the odd comments a few months later! (nobody usually comments) - sorry!