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Some progress

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Well, I managed to get my hands on an a1200, whose motherboard (rev 1A) is now winging its way to The Corfiot in Wales for a recapping and some mods. Whilst I wait I have used my previous motherboard to create the a1200 that will go in the man cave - so just a basic a1200 with CF hard drive, and aca1221. Had all sorts of problems setting up the CF hard drive using PFS3 - turns out that using a card reader plugged into a different usb port sorted it though.... As I wont be using the indy mk2 with this one, I have ordered one of those CF and backplate adapters from Amigakit to make access easier without butchering the case. First one arrived broken which is a bit annoying but hey ho - I am so busy at work I dont really have time to play anyway.
Also I think I need to put a quieter fan in the Goliath PSU I am going to be using with this setup.
Aaahh so much to do!
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