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SCSI Here I come

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Well I finally picked up an SCSI to IDE bridge and am hopefully going to try and fulfil the long held dream of speeding up my disk access.
Will try and do pics and an update this weekend - as nothing EVER goes smoothly for me I will no doubt have issues and be back on here and EAB for advice!
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  1. CrazyC's Avatar
    IT LIVES! Hurrah.
    Need to tidy up the cabling a lot, and make some other decisions around if i keep the IDE CF adpater available or not. Pics etc will follow .....
  2. CrazyC's Avatar
    Well, I have now got everything including my DVD drive working again. My temporary power cabling to accommodate the new SCSI bridge and CF reader meant that putting the DVD drive at the end of the line caused it an issue, and as I hadn't used it for ages I thought it was broken. Rearranging the power cables a bit however seems to have sorted that. I have now setup AmiCDFS2, which means that when I stick in CD then the icon appears and I can access it, but also when I eject the CD it updates the workbench which I seemed to be having issues with before. I can merrily play audio CDs and load the OS3.9 CD. Havent yet played with CD32 discs.
    What I am intending to do is fit one CF adapter on top of the PCMCIA slot - I used to have one of kippers external adapters so my case is already modified for that. This one will be connected to the IDE Fix express. I then want to connect the SCSI bridge to my existing CF card reader that sticks out the back. if I move my internal case fan over a bit, and sort out some new power cables then it may just about all fit inside with the case closed!
    Anyway, that is the plan. Might take me a little while to get it all back together with the case closed.