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IT LIVES (and the case closes!)

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Well, my a1200 is all back together. The case is closed despite the fact it is all a bit tight in there to say the least. Visually it now looks almost identical to in previous pics, with one exception.

The Blizzard 1260 has angled RAM and so the a1200 is raised about an inch both to give that clearance and also to allow room for the small fan fitted to the trapdoor to cool the cpu. This fan is powered from a molex that runs out the back where the RF output used to be. That molex is one of two that run off the power input terminal, the other one powers two additional 40mm fans, one external fan blowing air into the side of the a1200 towards the IDE connector, the other sucking air out through the top vents to give a bit of circulation. Major overkill? possibly, but read on before you judge me.....
The IDEFIX-Express is fitted and runs a CF adapter that is hot glued ontop of the PCMCIA slot where my network card is. I had previously had one of kippers external CF adapters so the cut in the case was already there. It also runs an IDE cable out through a slot in the case just above where the RF used to be, that then loops back underneath to the white slot loading DVD drive that sits under the front left of the miggy as you look at it. This drive took a while to get how I wanted (see previous posts) but I like the final outcome, and had space to use under there. The DVD drive is one of a number of things powered from the floppy drive power connector.
Also taking up space, reducing airflow and generating heat is the Indy Mk2. Now I have a heatsink on Alice but no fan on the MK2, and as you can imagine the top left quarter of my a1200 case is now getting rather busy with hardware and cables. Hence the fans to make some airflow.
Also in this area is another CF adapter, that exits through a slot in the back of the case very nearly over where the IDE cable for the DVD drive comes out. This previously ran off the IDEFIX express, but now it runs of the SCSI Bridge I got recently! Obviously this is even more cabling running through that area and across past the keyboard connector to where I have managed to cram in the SCSI Bridge. Both this, CF card adapter, and the floppy drive are powered from the floppy drive power connector, along with a connector that exits out through an additional slot to power the DVD drive mentioned earlier. (I know its a lot but TC enhanced the powerlines to the floppy header for me when recapping the board, in anticipation of this).
The SCSI Bridge is of course attached to the Blizzard SCSI kit fully equipped with 128mb of memory, to go with the 128mb on the B1260 itself.

Speed testing the CF cards through sysinfo gives 2.4 on the IDEFIX express and just over 7 on the SCSI Bridge.

Now that really completes my hardware desires for this machine. Perhaps a RapidRoad? But I doubt I could fit that in the case anyway, and that would be massive overkill.
I guess its just more software to add now as things like Netsurf progress, and some tweaks to the existing stuff.
Might try and add some pics if I get a chance.
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