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Amiga 3500 rev.2

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Amiga 3500 rev2

After the demise of Commodore, stocks remained at the liquidators for another few years prior to being spread and sold.

Back then a great fan of the A3000T, that I find more sturdy than the 4000s, I've started the big hunt for one rare item, the A3500 black version.

Instead, in the early 2000, what I found from one of the liquidators in US was "a weird Amiga 3500 mother board, quality unknown". It was sold in that A500 motherboard cardboard with "Joe's board" written on it.

The card was an Amiga 3000T motherboard, but blue, and yellow. A masterpiece, true hardware porn. I've thrown all the money I had into it, then got the battery leak fixed by the best technician there was back then, Amiga center.

My dearest Spanish friends gave me an A3000 tower that fitted that board perfectly. Found a nos PSU, nos keyboard. There it was. Unique. My Amiga right?

Took a few pictures, that I gave on IRC. Why hide the board, would I think, back then...

Then began the jealousy. A "friend" of mine started to give my photos to the Amiga Hardware Database, claming that it was his. Had it fixed, looking like an asshole for claiming "no, that's MY property".

Followed by the lies, with people online telling "oh yea there are several of these blue A3500T boards, I own one myself"... WTF? Everytime the photos would be mines. Always.

People would tremendously annoy me with saying stuff such as "it's not the prototype of the Amiga 3000T dude, it's an A3500."

Let's be clear: this mobo mixes the features of both. It would never fit an A3500 tower: it has A3000T ports, plugs, whatever. And the multiple rom sockets of the A3500. The blue mobo is typical of C= prototypes, and they really didn't mind the expense.

Yet people would still try and ruin my fun, last in date was an Austrian guy that contacted me through Facebook telling me that he has the original A3500 tower, that this board should go in it, that I have no choice but to sell my hardware at a reasonable price,
that I've had it for enough time now and should share (!!!) , that I should give it to him for I don't know how to even care about it with the battery and all, that I was getting old (!!!).

Thieves visited my secondary home, stole a portion of my Amigas and Pegasos ( including my dev pegasos II, the only one of the first batch that survived) and my Cubo (well, the jamma part of it). They didn't find the A3500 mobo, yet I still believe that's what they were looking for.

Everytime I talk about getting it controlled because I don't have enough confidence in myself to recap it, people immediately offer to buy it. Then I back off, worried that someone steals or worse harms my toy.

So please, please... I don't sell it. I won't. I just don't give a **** anymore about whether its a proto or not. I dont want anything. Forget me and the toy if you can't honestly help me maintain a piece of hardware that I didn't keep out of proudness or hype or pretention, speculation, whatever. It's just my computer and I love that thing. Forget it please.

Thank you for your attention.


Updated 15th October 2018 at 06:51 by Nowee

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  1. Tahoe's Avatar

    Sounds like you have only been contacted by the wrong people.
    Myself, owning an A3500 I can help you out a bit, as there are a few slight flaws in the story.
    First: there is no black model, the A3500 comes in true A2000 brown. The black machine is the A3400, which is a prototype A4000.
    What you have there is a true A3500 motherboard, which is the prototype version of the A3000T. Mind you, the rev 2 board you have differs in quite a few bits to the A3000T production model.
    The A3500 rev2 mainboard exists in a couple of versions: the blue one, like you own. A more production looking model in green, but the layout is 100% identical to the blue (4 kickstart sockets, and different positioning of the SCSI/Floppy connectors. Then there is a dark green version with yellow silkscreen, this is the version in my A3500. The layout on this version is slightly different to the green one, it has only 2 kickstart sockets, but it is still quite different to the production model.
    Regarding the case: there is a very wrong picture circulating that the A3500 ports differ from the A3000T, that is PLAIN WRONG. The backpanel of the A3500 is identical to that of the A3000T, but the picture shows the difference between the Amiga (3500/3000T) and the PC60-III, the case they recycled for the A3500. So yes, you do have a real A3500, which is the real protoype A3000T. Your board will indeed fit directly in the A3000T case, the only difference is the front panel and the LED/key connectors.

    The guy from Austria: well he's an idiot. Well known to avoid. He also often causes quite a shitstorm on Facebook. Best option is to simply ignore. He has also tried to obtain my A3500.

    If you do want to have it overhauled, drop me a line. Here in Holland we have a very trustworthy guy doing repairs, he did my A3500 (complete machine), my Access and has built me a GBA1000. Al quite rare machines.

    Good luck!

    Updated 21st October 2018 at 13:28 by Tahoe
  2. Nowee's Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up. This is the model I was referring to:

    It is the photo that triggered my hunt back in 2000.

    Good to know for the back panel.

    The netherlands aren't so far away. If I can't find a French or German willing to do it I'll message you.


    Updated 22nd October 2018 at 00:33 by Nowee
  3. oobumblebeeoo's Avatar
    Hi bud,

    I'd re-cap it if you like? Hell you could even come over and watch me do it and for free!
    Check out my YouTube channel. I've helped a few people on the Amiga Facebook groups and well known Youtuber's out and even videoed projects.

    I would only need the motherboard, you wouldn't need to send anything else.
    Just make sure it's wrapped crazy good and well recorded and tracked post! haha
    I've never had an issue, I have sold lots of Amigas around the world on eBay and Amibay.
    You'll find someone good over there I'm sure. If not, then drop me a line if you get stuck.

    Updated 26th October 2018 at 16:21 by oobumblebeeoo