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HID2AMI - [2nd production batch reservation opening] HID MOUSE AND GAMEPAD to AMIGA ADAPTOR

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HID2AMI is an HID USB Mouse and HID Joy/Gamepad adaptor built for the Amiga computers.
It is open sourced hardware, and it is firmware upgradeable for improving compatibility with a growing number of peripherals.

Anyone interested can read all details, instructions, compatibility list on HID2AMI Github here:



I would ask 30 EUR + shipping (3 EUR for Italy, 5 EUR within EU) for each board, equipped with latest fimware available at the moment. Buyers will have free "lifetime" firmware updates.

If any further explanation is required, feel free to ask !

Thank you very much !

If you want to read even more about it, there are some discussion on Italian Amiga Forum and Eab English Forum

Shipping log

1st production batch - over
ishe 1 adapter - delivered
amigean 1 adapter
- board shipped on 03/25
quantum8 1 adapter
- board shipped on 03/25
Schuimpy 1 adapter - board shipped on 03/25
kerkyra2007 1 adapter - board shipped on 03/25
kaini 1 adapter
- delivered
BigRed 2 adapters
- delivered
roc 2 adapters
- delivered
lord 1 adapter - delivered
david_s 1 adapter - delivered
jiannisk 2 adapters - boards shipped on 03/25
SJBUK 1 adapter
- delivered
Microfinne 1 adapter - delivered
MartinW 1 adapter - delivered
Kathleen291171 1 adapter - delivered
torsti76 2 adapters - delivered
LaoMu 1 adapter
- board shipped on 03/25
Justin 1 adapter
- delivered
Jd64 1 adapter
- delivered
theq1337 1 adapter - delivered
uunek 1 adapter - delivered
lord - 1 adapter - delivered
slx 1 adapter - shipped on 04/01


Reservation list 2nd batch (production order issued on 04/08/19)

User Qty Vote for color Status
Lord 1 BLACK Reserved
Xubidoo 1 BLACK Reserved
Kathleen291171 1 BLACK Reserved
ishe 1 RED or BLACK Reserved
Doublelefthander 2 no pref Reserved
Rnoo 1 BLACK Reserved
Paxo 2 BLACK Reserved
Tecnico78 1 BLACK Reserved
Gravislord 2 Reserved
tomgun 2 Reserved


Boards available :
- 0 boards Rev1.1
- 0 board Rev1.0
- 2 DIY kits Rev1.0


I would kindly ask anyone of yours to:

- notice me as soon as you receive your envelope and confirm me it survived the travel without any damage;
- report me your use feedback, and a note on which peripherals you tested, so I can add them to the compatibility lst
- report me of any peripheral should not be recognized, together with a "HID report dump" (see my github for instructions), so I can update the firmware adding support for them
- give me a + feedback here !
- (optional for English mother tongue users) Point me at my english writing errors, so I can improve my knowledge of your tongue
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  1. sampedenawa's Avatar
    Firmware update sent to owners: should anyone not have received the automated e-mail, please notice me.

    Updated 13-Apr-2019: v1.8.a:
    - Fixed a stupid bug which prevented some 12-bit-axis mice to be correctly managed