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CDTV Capacitor list

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I decided to recap on my CDTV, starting with the CDROM as it has difficulty starting, the front panel as the IR was weak and I am considering the PSU as well. As there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive Capacitor list for the CDTV, the mainboard, CDROM and the PSU I decided to document the values.

After the initial tear-down of the CDTV, I also removed the CDROM PCB, it was a real pain to get to the CDROM PCB, got there eventually. Looks like my CDROM PCB has had quite a bit of rework, an IC was added on a separate board and an additional capacitor was added. See attached images. The capacitors are all low profile/short except two near the power connector, but I have included the sizes in the table. Note there are 3 NON POLAR caps as well.Once I finished the CDROM and Front Panel recap, all initial problems were fixed, non spinning CDROM and weak IR. Note there is a hidden capacitor inside the shielding for the IR on the front panel. Its a pain to get into as you have to bend the metal shield open to replace the capacitor.

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CDROM PCB (Note: All Capacitors rated at 85C)
Amount Spec diameter x height (mm) Numbers
0.47uF 50v
4 x 5
C115, C329
1uF 50v
4 x 5
2.2uF 35v NON POLAR
4 x 7
2.2uF 50v
4 x 5
C120, C328, C327, C326
10uF 16v
4 x 5
C311, rework, C116, C10, C4, C102, C206, C319
10uF 10v NON POLAR
4 x 7
22uF 6.3v NON POLAR
5 x 7
47uF 16v
6 x 5
C305, C204, C219, C322
100uF 6.3v
6 x 5
220uF 16v
6 x 11
330uF 10v
6 x 11

Main PCB - Motherboard version 2.2.1 (
Note: All Capacitors rated at 85C)
Amount Spec diameter x height (mm) Numbers
4 4.7uF 25v 5X11 C171, C172, C174, C76
5 10uF 50v 5X11 C163, C162, C155, C85, C14
9 22uF 35v 5X11 C177, C178, C29, C59, C60, C79, C80, C20, C11
2 47uF 16v 5X11 C164, C82
2 47uF 50v 6x11 C152, C23
12 100uF 16v 6x11 C125, C72, C175, C165, C173, C81, C84, C43, C42, C41, C40, C6
1 470uF 10v 8x11 C76
3 470uF 16v 10x12 C71, C77, C54
3 3300uF 10v 18x16 (Short and Fat) C2, C61, C69

PSU (all rated 105C except C9 at 85C)
Amount Spec diameter x height (mm) Numbers
1 1uF 50v 5x11 C111
3 10uF 50v 5x11 C8, C112, C103
1 47uF 50v 6x11 C10
2 100uF 25v 6x16 C113, C114
1 120uF 400v 25x30 C9
2 220uF 25v 8x13 C104, C106
1 1000uF 18v 10x21 C107
1 1000uF 6.3v 10x13 C110
2 1500uF 10v 10x30 C109, C108

These are all regular (small size) electrolytic caps at 85C.

CDTV Front Panel
Amount Specification Diameter x height (mm) Numbers
2 47uF 16v 7x6 C1, C2
1 47uF 6.3v 4x7 CIR

Once the IR module has been desoldered and removed, carefully lift up the 4 securing tabs inside the shield (green arrows), then you can lift the last piece (blue arrow) covering the IR sensor itself, and finally lift out the module.

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