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Well its been a while, but I came across a tower case on ebay which I miraculously won for a tiny price, and so it seemed rude to not then tower my main a1200. So I set out on another adventure with a few twists and turns and as is generally the case with this hobby, a few setbacks. These are mostly documented in the threads here and here.

So now I have 2 A1200 which are both still work in progress.

My main one is towered, with an original mediator, soundcard, NIC, USB card, and Voodoo 3, with my B1260, SCSI Kit, SCSI Bridge to CF card and CD drive. I have got myself a nice 27inch monitor that can take the native Amiga RGB signal over VGA and so currently both the native and the Voodoo 3 are running via a manual switch into the monitor. I have now purchased a ratte switch from a fellow amibayer and that should arrive this week.
I need to tweak a few things with my towered setup, and would like to get Warp3D working.
I also have an A4000 keyboard that needs a few fixes as not all keys work, so am using a pc keybard at the minute.
The pic below is before some some workbench tweaks, the new monitor, and some funky new speakers I added.

I put my second a1200 back together and so this now has a fully unlocked ACA1221, with a 3.1.4 ROM via maprom, my Indy MK2, a PCMCIA Network card, and CF on IDE.
I am currently building a new CF card system based on and Best WB. I have so far added a few bits of software and it can access Aminet via Miami and IBrowse 2.4, I have my games library and Igame setup. I am awaiting delivery this week of one of Kipper2Ks CF adapters that puts the CF card out the side above the PCMCIA card.

Big shout out and thanks to both Johnim and Fitzsteve for all their help in particular.
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