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Working with the ratte switch

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Having now received my ratte switch and getting the appropriate cables, I have set my towered a1200 to run both the native and Voodoo3 outputs via the ratte switch into the monitor.

It didnt quite work at first but that was due to the jumper on the switch being in the wrong place but easily fixed. I also have my other a1200 and a firetvstick running into the monitor via a hdmi switcher but I think the firetv will have to go, as when the VGA switches between native and Voodoo3 the monitor seems to revert back to the hdmi. I assume this is because the firetvstick is on in standby on that source.
Unplugging the hdmi means all works as it should with the VGA and switching.
Its no big deal as I will move the firetvstick elsewhere with my now redundant previous monitor.

Next to resolve some sound issues as I connecting the towered a1200 to the speakers via bluetooth and the wedge a1200 via cable. This currently works a bit hit and miss, but I have some ideas
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  1. CrazyC's Avatar
    Damn it, had everything working except Warp3d and now she has gone rather temperamental.......