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Amiga 4000 Alice+ Build Day 4: GREX 4000 and Cyberstorm PPC

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Well as luck would have it, the Cyberstorm PPC finally cleared Canada Customs 2 days ago! So I set about the task of carefully putting it into the new Amiga 4000 with the Alice board from hese!

Installation of the GREX 4000 is always a bit tricky. It is best to install the GREX already connected to the Cyberstorm PPC and press them down together at the same time, carefully making sure they remain connected.

Once I had done that, I booted up the system and my existing AmigaOS4 Classic install booted! It wasn't configured yet for the GREX/Voodoo 3, but it proved it was working! Next I went ahead and started to configure AmigaOS 3.1.4. That is all complete now!

I did install a fan hot-glued to the side of the power supply holder, and unfortunately it does not provide much benefit. The entire system is very hot with the case on, so I am currently running it without the case on until I figure out better cooling options. The GREX-4000 with Cyberstorm PPC and Voodoo3 is incredibly fast!

Thanks again to hese for making an amazing new A4000 motherboard! Here are some photos!

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  1. fitzsteve's Avatar
    Great to see a Grex 4000 up and running, great work.
  2. steenlund's Avatar
    Cool, I have an identical setup with A4000+CSPPC+GRex4000D+Voodoo3 also have the an STX PSU with the same adapter as you
    I have replaced the fans on the PPC and the GRex as I found them to be very noisy.