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Amstrad CPC464 - CPC6128 and MONITOR Dust Covers

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[SIZE=3]Hi all,

We have recently made some (long awaited) Amstrad & Shneider CPC6128 covers.


And as you can see some Matching monitor covers also.

We haven't forgot about the CPC464 owners, so here are the matching sets for them.


We also have a 'all black' Shneider 6128 cover and could if you wanted, make a matching all black monitor

All our Amstrad covers have velcro flaps at the back, So If you have no cables attached then you simply press
the back flaps together to make a tighter fit. Or leave them open so you can drape it over your cables.. Simple!

Our Monitor covers have velcro fasteners down each side of the screen to make it super easy to get it on and off.

All 6128's are 12.50 + postage
All 464's are 13 + postage
All Monitor Covers are 25 + postage

Combined postage and Discounts for Multiple covers available

If you are interested then Please PM us to discuss what you would like. :thumbsup:
(Please remember all covers are made to order, we don't stock many at all. 1 Week minimum on big orders)

Also, you don't have to have them logo'd and we don't charge you for putting on the logo's. You only pay for
our quality made covers.

Thanks again! :D

-Riggz (Retro-Protect)

(ps-Sorry the pictures are a bit crap! :huh:)

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